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John Fawcett
34 years of service to the Stoneham Public Schools - 1953 thru 1987
Teacher, Coach and Athletic Director


John Fawcett can be credited for getting Stoneham athletics not only on the map, but to its current level of success. This longtime Athletic Director did more for Stoneham sports than possibly anyone else, as he worked hard to make sure every student had a sport and the equipment with which to play.

For 27 years, he was the man in the athletic office. He was mainly responsible for the explosion in girls sports at the high school as well, phasing in new programs such as softball and girls soccer during his tenure.

Fawcett graduated from Melrose High School, where he was a standout hockey and baseball player.

He joined the Marine Corps, and fought in the South Pacific during World War II. In 1945 he received an honorable discharge, and earned his degree in education at Boston University. He began teaching in the town of Sandwich Massachusetts.

In 1953, he took a position at Stoneham High School as a social studies teacher and assistant football coach. In 1956, he joined the physical education staff.

In 1960, he got the call to become the school’s first Athletic Director. He encouraged students to participate in three sports, and was known for his hiring of excellent coaches over the years. He was named Middlesex League Man of the Year twice, and was president of the League’s Athletic Directors.

John retired in 1987 from the Stoneham Public Schools. “He basically picked Stoneham High up by the bootstraps,” said fellow Hall of Fame inductee, Sonny Lane. “They were kind of down in the doldrums for a while, and when he came in, everything changed. What he meant to that school is unbelievable.”

At age 80, he continues to help in athletic administration. He works in the Danvers school system part-time as a faculty manager of athletics and resides in Lynnfield.

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