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Frank "Tiger" Burns
Over 40 years of reporting on Stoneham Sports - Friend of SHS Athletics


To many people in and around Stoneham athletics, Frank Burns was Stoneham High School athletics.

Burns was first a writer and then the News and Sports Editor for the Stoneham Independent, the hometown newspaper for Stoneham and its athletic exploits since 1870.

A graduate of Stoneham High School and Dartmouth College, Burns began covering the high school sports scene for Stoneham in 1949. He also penned a column called “Sports Scoops”, a combination opinion column and sports report that was required reading for Stonehamites during the 1950’s and 1960’s.


While Burns was an obvious hockey enthusiast in a town that was a virtual hotbed of Massachusetts hockey, his interest in Stoneham sports knew no boundary or prejudice. Burns gave equal time to women’s sports as they gained prominence in the town of Stoneham and always put forth considerable effort to make sure every team received attention.

The bespectacled Burns was a constant observer on weeknights and weekends at nearly every Stoneham High School sporting event, and he was every bit the supporter as he was impartial journalist. Burns could be both fawning and critical in his assessments of sports teams and players — a delicate balance in the world of journalism and high school athletics - but he always remained fair in both regards.

“Tiger could be tough, but he was always fair and he always told it like it was,” said former SHS athlete and Athletic Hall of Fame member Paul White.

Burns retired from the Independent in 1991 after 42 years of wins, losses, championships and graduations and continues to make his home in Stoneham.

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