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  Paul White
Friend & SHS Sports Announcer from 1972 - 2009


For 37 years, Paul White has been passionately involved in public relations and action coverage for Stoneham Spartan teams.

Along with the fathers and mothers of many prior and current Stoneham student athletes, Paul and Ann White encouraged their sons and daughter to participate as players and as a cheerleader citing the benefits of friendship, life lessons and a fulfilling experience. In 1972, while attending an annual youth football bowl game matching the Stoneham Spartans and the Waterbury, Conn. Knights, Paul was selected to co-host the radio accounts with a local announcer who was a very polished and professional commentator. This occasion lit a spark and he found a niche in the sports broadcasting world.

Paul accepted an opportunity to volunteer as a commentator on the local Greater Boston Cable TV Channel 2. Along with old-time Somerville friend, Harry Tower, he donned the earphones and painted a vivid and accurate account of Spartan football, hockey and basketball throughout the Middlesex League. He also conducted a TV call-in show featuring many star Spartan and other sport celebrities. Broadcasting those contests was a pleasurable experience which spanned many years lasting into the 1980’s.

Paul had the opportunity to move up to the booth and take over the play-by-play public address announcing of Stoneham home games in 1981. At this juncture, fellow Hall of Famer, Frank “Tiger” Burns asked him to write the weekly accounts of football games, including scores, statistics and outstanding effort for the Stoneham Independent. He had reached professional status. He was still charged with his public address responsibilities while at the same time he managed to compile pages of notes for the newspaper article. No problem for him because he now had his own By-Line.

As our public address announcer, Paul understood the importance of recognizing and acknowledging Spartan players for their success on the field and the excitement and pride felt by the family and friends watching and supporting Stoneham High athletics.

When you talk with Paul he will tell you that he was privileged over many years to witness first hand numerous superior athletes, many fine gentlemen and ladies, outstanding coaches, administrators and fans as well as a body of individuals who never knew the meaning of quit – The Stoneham Spartans.

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